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‘I must admit I’m already looking forward to next year ~ bring it on! Thank you Susan for inspiring me. That hasn’t happened for some time. I’m like a kid with a new toy’

022Planting schemes and planting plans are required for planting in new or existing areas. A consultation visit, briefing, site and soil analysis are required. The results of this will allow Susan to use her extensive knowledge of plants and which grow well in different soils, positions and conditions to design you your perfect planting plan.

Planting schemes give a general idea of the types of plants which are suggested for a new area, typically as part of a garden or landscape design. The scheme is then discussed and a list of plants is prepared.
Susan is then able to source, order and supply the plants to site, set them out and plant them all.

If you are going to source and put the plants in yourself, you will need a planting plan with the correct positions for each plant and a plant list giving the number of plants you need to buy, this can be provided by Susan.

Susan can alternatively give advice, remove undesired plants, replant or interplant borders or beds with your choice of plants, plant new trees or put in summer bedding. In some instances, it is possible to successfully transplant a treasured specimen shrub.

If you are an inexperienced gardener, Susan can put together a plant maintenance schedule for you or whoever would be looking after the plants throughout the year, along with seasonal tuition, if required. This service is also available for existing plants in your garden.


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