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‘‘Susan has been the professional gardener at Cranford Hall since February 2007… principally been the maintenance of the borders, the planning and design of several new features and generally advising the owners on all aspects of management. Susan has proved herself well up to these tasks. She uses her training intelligently and is able to successfully marry theory with practice. She is diligent, energetic and conscientious. During her time at Cranford, the gardens have improved considerably, in large part due to her efforts. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a qualified and enthusiastic gardener, with considerable interest in garden design and improvement.’JR January 2011.

If you love your garden, and would love a beautifully kept outdoor space to come home to, then this is for you.

Generally this service is suitable for larger private gardens, historic houses with landscaped grounds, country estate property, gardens open to the public or for an event.

Susan has over a decade of combined experience at Tofte Manor, Bedfordshire and at Cranford Hall, Northamptonshire.
As the professional gardener at Cranford Hall, she advises the owners on the garden’s horticultural management and guides the garden staff to maintain around six acres of parkland and pleasure grounds. Susan has restored mature planting sites, designed and planted new borders and continues to carry out detailed garden maintenance for weddings and private functions all year round.

We look after many gardens with care, commitment and attention to detail. Susan can bring this knowledge and experience to your grounds to meet their horticultural needs all year round.

Following an initial consultation this would involve the preparation of a detailed maintenance programme for the year including pruning and the control of pests and diseases. There would be scheduling of the work, with any site relevant activity such as soil improvement prior to planting. Regular onsite visits, health and safety procedures, on the job training for staff and supervision of certain maintenance activities.

Our range of professional services includes:

  • re-staking trees
  • renovation pruning of shrubs
  • pruning for flowering shrubs
  • pruning ornamental and small fruit trees
  • maintaining hedges
  • training climbers
  • plant care and planting
  • weed management
  • improving fertility of soil
  • feeding and maintenance of lawns

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