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Garden Consultation

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Sometimes people feel having a one on one consultation with Susan works best. This enables Susan to get a real sense of your garden and your worries/wants. Consultations can be arranged independently, as a starting point and can last up to 2 hours. These are carried out in your own garden and give you the opportunity to discuss, in detail, any aspect of your gardens planting, potential for design, any rejuvenation or maintenance that you may wish for.

Some areas that are quite common, and ones you may want to bring up during a consultation include:

  • Ideas for screening an unsightly view, or to promote privacy
  • Where to position an additional seating area
  • Areas where you have noticed poor growth and ideas on how to change this
  • How to effectively clear areas of your garden
  • Any problem trees or hedges that you want taken care of
  • Issues with growing roses
  • Climbers which have grown out of control, and how to contain this
  • Issues with soil, how to make the most of your soil and which plants will grow best
  • Problems with your lawn, grass not growing or growing in patches
  • Desire for year-round colour to be present in your garden
  • Ideas to incorporate scent or movement throughout your garden
  • Choosing of and installation of a water feature
  • Where is best to grow vegetables and herbs
  • How to deal with pests and diseases you may have throughout your garden

Make sure to have your list of questions ready for consultation day, this way you can make the best of your consultation time.

For a more involved consultation, that may take over 2 hours, contact Susan directly to discuss your additional requirements.

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