Renovation Project
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The front garden had been overgrown for a couple of years with a standard rose being horizontal and the lavenders woody. Weeds had grown into the pavers and taken hold. The lawn had died in several places. The climbing rose was in the gutters and scrambling over the garage roof at an alarming rate. In the back garden it was like being in the Amazon rainforest, with over half of the garden space consisting of massively overgrown climbers and ankle deep with dead leaves.

We returned the front garden to its original planting and beauty as requested. We seeded the lawn and cut the rose down to a manageable height and pruned it for new stems. Susan pruned all the other roses on the house and put a replacement standard rose in the centre of the lawn.

At the back in freezing weather we chopped and sawed all day to reveal a shed completely hidden and which needed repairs, a path which had become impassable, a pebble water feature and an arbour which had been in accessible. The owners were delighted.