New Garden On Clay

This back garden site in Great Denham, Bedford had a second lay of turf dying due to inadequate topsoil, the presence of blue clay and being on top of a geological river terrace. The owner requested a classic English country garden with turf, trees, shrubs and flowers. A design was agreed including measures to tackle the waterlogged ground and to restore healthy growth across the site. The patio was enlarged and upgraded along with the paths and utility area. A new lawn was laid. Interesting border shapes were created and these were planted with two trees, fence and wall climbers, shrubs including roses and herbaceous perennials for all year round colour.

Like many new houses, my back garden came with a small patio and some low quality turf on poor soil.  Susan, her team and a recommended contractor have transformed the garden into a place to enjoy and admire, from the concept design, soil improvement and drainage, the new and improved patio, through to the carefully chosen planting and new lawn.  It’s already colourful with the spring bulbs in flower, and I’m looking forward to seeing my garden thrive as the plants grow and develop over the next few years.

RB Great Denham