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“contrast materials with interesting planting” SY

017Garden Design is only part of a garden project. It is helpful to broadly explain the design process and what to expect during a project.

Firstly, you need to have full commitment to proceed with changing your garden and sufficient funds available. Then Susan will come to your home to meet you and discuss what you are looking for. This would be in the form of an initial consultation which is then followed by putting together a brief to create the garden you have always wanted.

The garden site is then surveyed with measurements taken including levels and soil samples. Time will be taken to generally appraise the site and take photos. This information is then used for setting down ideas, which Susan then develops into a concept drawing and discusses with you.

Next Susan produces the drawings, master plan, specifications for the contractors, contractual documents, a planting scheme or plan, plant lists and schedules of work. A start date is agreed and often a deposit is paid for this phase of work.

As these projects are often complex it is advisable for Susan to monitor the construction through to completion.

In terms of construction costs, as a guide, please consider what costs would be involved if you were to have building work carried out to your house.

To summarise the key stages:

  • Consultation visit and briefing
  • Site survey and assessment
  • Garden design ideas in sketch form as a concept drawing
  • Master plan, planting plans, construction drawings and specifications
  • Contracts and schedules
  • Project monitoring contractors
  • Improve soil, set out and put in plants

At the initial meeting Susan can explain these stages in more detail. All garden design work is carried out by her so you can be assured of her full attention.

Susan will work with you to create the garden you dream of.

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Having your garden designed can be more affordable if you spread the design and build work over time.

When you garden is finished it will continue to grow. We offer a maintenance schedule for our clients, seasonal maintenance advice visits or expert tuition to carry out your own garden maintenance.