Walled Garden

“Bringing colour and interest into a dark windy corner.” SY

A couple asked Susan to redesign their front garden as it was gloomy. She visited and had a chat with the lady of the house, who wanted to keep the lawn as her husband liked mowing. She had a preference for flowers in yellow and purple, with no daisies. The challenges were: the lawn was full of weeds, the soil of yellow clay, site on a windy corner, in full sun and a sewer inspection cover right next to the entrance gate. A boundary wall provided some protection to the site. The area was surveyed for a base plan, a concept design drawn up and agreed, the old lawn lifted and completely replaced with new turf and the borders reshaped and replanted for yellow, purple and lime greens all year round. A planting feature of grasses to bring movement was made next to the gate. It is a lively, cheerful garden, which the owners love and the neighbours have admired so much that we have renovated the front garden of a neighbour and have worked on the back garden of another!