Plant lovers’ Paradise

Upon completion of our new house we were faced with a large garden which was a sea of mud.  Susan helped to clarify our ideas as the type of garden and its overall design, taking on board our own ideas (and budget) as well as her own.  In particular her extensive knowledge of plants and their uses, their size and colour has provided a beautiful garden. Susan was happy to provide a flexible service as and when needed and was able to bring in other reliable local trades-people to provide for example hard landscaping services.

RB February 2011

This is a transformation from a sea of mud into a dream garden. It began with a new-build wooden eco-house imported from Canada constructed on the footprint of an original bungalow. Susan joined the project when construction was in full tilt, to find an expanse of compacted mud with a few trees. The owners asked her for ideas for screening the neighbours’ satellite dish in close view on one side of the property. They also required a planted panorama of texture and colour to be viewed all year from that side of the house, a covered dining area, screened sunbathing area, a path to the vegetable garden and to the greenhouse. Concepts and plant lists agreed, the planting was carried out over the first growing season. We also laid the new lawn and advised on the pergola and its base. The garden is now mature, the owners delight in its exuberance throughout the year and they open it in the summer to local people to raise money for charity.